Temperamental Temperatures: Preparing your Home

Temperamental Temperatures: Preparing your Homes Heating and Airconditioning.

Colorado Springtime: majestic and unpredictable, and though it is not officially here, Spring is right around the corner. It is almost time to start planning your garden, break out those spring cleaning supplies, Also, this is a prime time to get your AC and furnace checked, and get excited about all of those things that it has mostly been too cold to do for the last few months. Picture beautiful hiking trails, bright spring fashion, Easter celebrations, and the sweet scent of spring showers.

Back up a little and don’t forget we are in Colorado. To all of these fabulous spring activities and stereotypical weather moments, add in random blankets of snow, scraping ice off your car especially if you have somewhere to go in the morning, and quite honestly, the temperature and weather varying nearly hour to hour. On the bright side, that also means that Colorado’s snow enthusiasts need not yet despair, that there is time before the necessity of wearing tiny clothes to not boil alive season. Also, hot chocolate on many days is still quite appropriate.. The hopefully considered fact is that Colorado temperatures swing as drastically as the moods of a hormonal teenager so it is best to be prepared. In your fabulous outdoor adventures, it is common knowledge to wear layers, have the right equipment for whatever activity you are enjoying, etc. If you wish for your downtime to be comfortable, do the same for your indoor dwellings and be prepared in your home or workplace as well.


What needs to be done to prepare your air conditioning in Denver this season?

In the case of upcoming varying weather, it is best to make sure that all apparatuses for both heating and cooling are in prime condition. If your appliances are ten or more years old, highly consider replacing them with a more current model. Assuming you do not need to install anything new, you should start with making sure everything is clean. Though you can check basic cleanliness and there are a few basic do it yourself HVAC tutorials, it is wise to call in a trained professional to give everything a once over. Items that are vital to your house running smoothly (for instance your hot water heater that can both scald the heck out of a novice and if tampered with incorrectly, whose breakage can cause pipes to freeze and cause a mess of problems), should most definitely be handled by a professional.

If you have had all of your basic heating and cooling elements inspected, communicate with your technician to fix anything that may have or be near breaking down. After repair and a good cleaning, your system should run smoothly.


Which company is right for me to prepare my home for the season’s weather?

If you are in or around the Denver Metro Area, there is a company that provides all of the services you need to make sure the temperature of your home is ideal, no matter what the Colorado springtime brings. From air conditioning installation to cleaning/maintenance and air conditioning repair, the friendly staff at Kennedy Plumbing and Heating are highly trained and available to make sure that your home remains cool or cozy, however you like it moment to moment. Contact Kennedy today for a quote and enjoy the bliss of a comfortable dwelling.

Apr 03rd, 2017

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