Recognizing Commercial Plumbing Problems Before Disaster

This is the first in a series of blogs based around “Recognizing Commercial Plumbing Problems Before Disaster”.


Remember that noise from your car you ignored for a few months that turned into a costly mechanic visit? Or the small pain in your knee that started a few years ago that you kept putting off until the pain became too much to bear? Much like our bodies, or our cars, if we put off small commercial plumbing maintenance or repair services, than it lead to costly yet avoidable disasters. But how can you tell when to give your plumbing contractor a call?


Don’t worry, we are here to help, by the end of this series, you will be able to recognize the most common problems before they lead to costly repairs. More importantly we are going to share with you what can happen if you don’t fix it, in the hopes of preventing future disasters. Here at Kennedy Plumbing we understand running a business has enough difficulties, don’t let your plumbing become another one.


For our first blog in the series we are going to focus on water leaks, all the different types of leaks, the complications that can arise from them, and how to prevent them.


Water leaks -  Water leaks come in many different forms, from a leaky faucet, to a toilet leaking, or even due to a broken pipe. These small leaks have been dubbed “silent leaks” which can be difficult to even detect, as they may be underground. The damage caused by an extended period of these leaks can result in bills up to tens of thousands of dollars. Not to mention the average 3,000 gallons worth of water that is lost each year, water that you are paying for. To prevent the money lost by a leaky faucet, or a toilet leaking, simply contact one of our plumbing contractors here at Kennedy as soon as the problem arises. These problems are a result of worn plumbing fixtures and won’t be fixed without  qualified plumbing repair services. In order to prevent silent leaks from leaking thousands of gallons of water under or around your business contact us today to do a thorough inspection of all your pipes.


As you can tell it is important to be proactive in all of your water leaking annoyances before they become catastrophes. Check back in with us soon to see the second blog in our series on “Recognizing Commercial Plumbing Problems Before Disaster”.


Aug 30th, 2016

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