Do-it-yourself Leaky Faucet Repair

This is part of our do-it-yourself series, for this particular blog we will focus on faucet repair.

First you must make sure that you have turned off the water source for the sink in question. For a sink you will generally find two valves underneath that allow you to turn on and off the hot and cold water. Make sure to turn both of these off. For some houses you will need to find intermediate valves, or possibly even shut off the water to the whole house (but this is usually a rare occurrence in faucet repairs).

After you have done this you should turn on the water for the faucet and let the water run. Which may be fast, or rather long depending on where the faucet is in the house. For beginner Do-it-yourself folks out there don’t worry if it takes a little while for the water to drain, this is normal. The next step in your faucet repair is to make sure that you have the right tools to get the parts you need of the sink. In too many cases Do-it-yourself jobs are spent simply running around looking for the right faucet parts. Make sure you are taking the time to remove the parts that you believe may be relevant to your leaky faucet and bring those with you to the store you are going to. In the long run this step will save you lots of time. Unfortunately there aren’t any industry standards on faucet parts, so for that reason every dripping faucet will have it’s unique components.

It is important to be assessing whether or not the fixes you are making are worth your time and effort if it is an old leaky faucet that you plan on replacing in the near future anyway, take that into account when going to buy new faucet parts. It’s always a good idea to have a dollar amount in mind that you are willing to pay before you go out, that way it doesn’t end up more expensive to do a do-it-yourself job, than it would to use a plumbing contractor. We hope that this has offered some help on how to fix your leaky faucet. If you do find that your dripping faucet job is becoming too expensive give us a call at (303)-710-1417.

Aug 30th, 2016

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